How to keep Cut Flowers Alive In The Summer

Summer is finally here in the UK , at long last !

We associate sunny weather with blooming gardens and flowers bursting out everywhere. However, for cut flowers it’s not really great, as they last longer when kept cool, and watered.

Too much heat will cause cut flowers to age quickly and encourage plant rot.

Most florists will have air conditioning on all the time during the hot summer days to preserve thier flowers.

However, most people in the UK don’t have air conditioning at home, and it would be quite an expensive way of keeping your flowers fresh, putting the air conditioning all day. Another option would be to put them in the fridge, but who in their right mind would keep thier flowers in the fridge ?

What you CAN do at home to keep your flowers fresh in extreme heat.

  1. Keep them out of direct sunlight, especially behind glass, avoid south facing window sills.

2. Change the water every day, preferably use collected rain water if possible.

3. Take the flowers outside at night time.

4. Every two or three days snip about a centimtre of the bottom of the flowers stems. This helps water absorption.

5. Give them a misty water spray every now and again, some flowers respond better to this than others.

Floral cards in the heat.

Our floral cards are a bit more protected from direct heat as the card itself will block most direct sunlight from reaching the flowers, however we would still reccomend keeping them out of direct sunlight. We also reccomend you dont attempt to trim the stems, as the flowers will be difficult to then re-arrange and you would also need some new floristry foam.

Birthday Floral Card


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