Chiswell Green U3A Flower Arranging Group

A couple of months ago a flower arranging group from Chiswell Green hertfordshire got in touch with us here at floral card. They had seen our website and decided they would like to have a go at making their own floral arrangements to put inside our cards.  We posted them a number of  cards without flowers, and the group had a go at making their own floral cards. I’m sure you’ll agree from the pictures below that the results were outstanding.

Should any other flower arranging groups wish to do the same, please click here to get in touch. We won’t charge you for the cards, all we ask is that you take some pictures and allow us to publish them on our website.

View the arrangements done by the Weston Turville U3A flower arranging group

 2017-01-16 13.52.29 2017-01-16 13.52.37
 2017-01-16 13.52.42 2017-01-16 13.53.19
 2017-01-16 14.09.04 2017-01-16 14.12.38
 2017-01-16 14.13.03 2017-01-16 14.13.34
 2017-01-16 14.13.45 2017-01-16 14.14.57
 2017-01-16 14.16.21 2017-01-16 14.25.37
 2017-01-16 14.27.27 2017-01-16 14.33.24

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